Education in Values | International Private School Agora Sant Cugat

Through education in values, Agora Sant Cugat International School aims for the pupils to have responsible freedom, to be capable of accepting and assuming the consequences of their actions, to be able to analyse their surroundings to make objective and constructive observations, while they learn to have self-control and discipline and acquire an active role in the school community. In this way, they become happy pupils who live by the values of respect and tolerance, self-improvement, responsibility, and social commitment.

In this sense, the education in values is part of the curriculum for pupils of a very young age. Beginning emotional education in infant school is a path for each pupil to understand themselves and others. That’s why identifying emotions, whether these are their own or of others, and being able to name them, is a vital requirement for pupils to be able to take control of situations and develop respect and empathy for their classmates. Through different activities such as stories, songs, images, games and talking about specific situations, we work on emotions in the classroom.

After a correct education in emotions, we move on to the education in values, fundamental in the development of human beings as people. The school works permanently and actively on values, through active experience of them, since they favour personal development as well as self-esteem and personal satisfaction.

At Agora Sant Cugat International School we work on the education in values each day. Proof of this is that the school is part of the Friends of UNICEF programme. We celebrate all the international days, helping the pupils to interiorise the meaning of each of these days via different activities and programmes, or through images and videos about specific situations, which are worked on in the classroom, favouring dialogue, analysis, reflection, and respect at different ages. The work on the education in values culminates in the school’s active participation and collaboration with NGOs:


As a “friend school” our collaboration with Unicef takes place throughout the school year, celebrating the most important dates in their calendar, such as the Day of Children’s rights, or World Water Day. These are charity celebrations which the entire school gets involved in: pupils, parents, and families.


A charity project which started with a participation in a documentary. The main focus lies on the studies on world poverty and the search for a solution. For the international cause, we adopted a orphanage in Kenya, and for the national cause, we support a soup kitchen.


Pupils, teachers, and parents of Agora Sant Cugat International School are part of the volunteering group ANTAR, which participates in different activities and collaborates with NGOs.


Es un consejo de participación infantil cuyo objetivo es generar un espacio donde los niños y niñas de entre 10 y 12 años puedan opinar, expresar sus inquietudes y realizar propuestas sobre los aspectos relacionados con su entorno.r social.