Baccalaureate | International private school Agora Sant Cugat

Our school offers the option to study four branches of the LOE Baccalaureate: humanities, social sciences, health sciences, and science-technology, and the option to choose the International Baccalaureate, also with the option of different routes. The subjects that the pupils study for each one of the different routes have been chosen as the ones which offer access to the greatest number of degrees at Spanish and Catalan universities.

The preparation of our pupils is designed to help them obtain the best results in the Baccalaureate, and acquire the resources needed to move on to higher level studies with guaranteed success. For this reason, we place a great deal of importance on practical work in the laboratory, pupils have the opportunity to participate in different international projects (IMUN, GYLC), and they receive information from the main national and international universities (Universities Fair, Open Days at different universities), etc.

100% of our pupils access the university studies that they have chosen. The majority get their first choice, but those who don’t get their first choice are successful with their second. In these cases, they study the degree they want, but in a university which is different to the one they had as their first choice.