Collaboration with NGOs | International private school Agora Sant Cugat

Collaboration with NGOs is a key feature in offering our pupils an education in values, while we generate social and environmental benefits. That’s why, at our school, we encourage participation in different charity projects on a local and global level to make the students aware of the conflicts and inequalities in the world, and teach them that change for the better starts with them. Furthermore, through collaboration with NGOs we aim to raise awareness of the importance of communication and respect for the opinions of others, as well as encourage a critical vision of our social reality. The methodology we apply to achieve this involves working on small, concrete objectives that our pupils choose, always with the supervision and guidance of the teachers, in order to reach the goals set and bring about, however small it may be, a true positive change in the world.


As a “friend school” our collaboration with Unicef takes place throughout the school year, celebrating the most important dates in their calendar, such as the Day of Children’s rights, or World Water Day. These are charity celebrations which the entire school gets involved in: pupils, parents, and families

You can too

Our school participates in the charity project You can too, which promotes collaboration in both international and local causes, always starting with the study of poverty in the world to search for solutions. Agora Sant Cugat International School also participated in the creation of the documentary. For the international cause, our Primary pupils managed to collect money for the construction of a small school for children in the orphanage of the NGO Bamba Project, in Kenya. Locally, the ESO pupils from our school collaborated with the Sant Cugat Caritas Community Kitchen.

ANTAR volunteering group

Pupils, teachers, and parents of Agora Sant Cugat International School are part of the volunteering group ANTAR, which participates in different activities and collaborates with NGOs to bring our pupils closer to other realities, encouraging team work and developing their social competence, and competence as citizens. Among the charity events organised by ANTAR are the Christmas Campaign, collaboration with the Monjas de Calcuta Community Kitchen, and the Charity Festival Agora Talent Show.

Participation in the Children’s Council and Youth Council

The Children’s Council and Youth Council are two projects in which our pupils participate to generate a space for opinion and proposals about topics related to the environment in which they live. The objective of this project is to promote children’s rights and make the pupils into active members of society, promoting students’ participation in local debates.

Work with the Javier Berché Foundation

Our teaching team collaborates with the Javier Berché Foundation for the identification of and attention for Gifted pupils, and those with learning difficulties. The Javier Berché Foundation provides support for these pupils, with great opportunities to guide them and to develop all their potential. The different collaborations with NGOs educate our pupils through experience, while transmitting the necessary values for them to become citizens of the world.