Trips and Excursions | International private school Agora Sant Cugat

One of the objectives of NACE Schools, as well as educating pupils, is to help them grow as people. To do this, we believe that experiences are the best way to learn.

At the school, we organise different types of trips and excursions. There are camps, both in winter and in summer, and we go on short cultural trips which enable the pupils to discover and work closely on a specific topic in a more intuitive way. There are also sports trips, such as skiing week, for learning/perfecting skills and boosting physical exercise while the pupils have fun, as well as end-of-year trips, and lots of other outings which offer pupils a high level of learning.

The trips and excursions allow our pupils to escape the routine and to have a good time while they learn about the world from their own experience. It also undoubtedly opens their minds, and offers them the change to interact socially with the world and with their own classmates.


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