Secondary Education | International private school Agora Sant Cugat

Throughout Secondary Education, the pupils at Agora Sant Cugat International School become competent people with the tools necessary to understand the world and to be able to play an active part in our society. To achieve this, we encourage dialogue and active communication in the educational community through a methodology which works on study techniques and habits to favour perseverance, determination, and discipline. This participative methodology enables the students to develop critical and constructive thinking, to have self-control and self-discipline, and experience success in their work.

At this stage, trilingualism continues to be one of the basic aspects of our project. Each subject has an assigned vehicular language (English, Catalan, or Spanish) and the pupils also study a second foreign language (German or French). In addition to languages, the global readiness of pupils at Agora Sant Cugat International School goes much further. They participate in programmes which offer them the chance to enjoy cultural exchange experiences, and they work on subjects in a cross-curricular way, putting their English, French, and German language skills into practice.

Direct experience in small groups, co-operative work, whether in pairs, teams, or individually, as well as continual and individualised tutorial work, is part of pupils’ day to day life in Secondary Education. In addition, all the classrooms are equipped with a projector and sound system, and those for 1st and 2nd ESO have interactive digital screens and computers. The pupils, like the teachers and families, make extensive use of the CAV (Virtual Classroom Community), where they have their diaries, teaching materials and photos and videos, which allows parents to follow the activities carried out each day both inside and outside school.

Before coming to the end of 3rd ESO, with the help of their tutor and parents, each pupil must choose some subjects that they will study in the following academic year, since 4th ESO is when the study routes begin. Agora Sant Cugat International School offers four study routes which enable students to begin to focus their studies on the different branches of the Baccalaureate and university studies without closing any doors. Route 1 opens the path to the Sciences and Health Sciences Baccalaureates, and the Engineering and Architecture Baccalaureate. Route 2 leads to the Arts and Humanities Baccalaureate, and Social Sciences and Politics. Routes 3 and 4 enable a first point of contact with the methodology and content of the Science or Social International Baccalaureate, which our international school offers.